Studio Juice

adidas’ Year of the Superstar

Starting life as a basketball sneaker, the shell-cap Superstar has since been sported by everyone from Run DMC to David Beckham. In 2015, adidas took the now-iconic shoe even further with a multi-phase campaign, beginning with the relaunch of the original 1969 shoe in late January. Using raw materials and a magnetic plinth (that allowed the shoe to float in-store) Studio Juice created the premium space to mark the return of the Superstar.

In March, adidas took the campaign in a new, vibrant direction with Supercolor. Designed by style icon and Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrell Williams, the collection remixes Superstar in a range of 50 colour tones. We delivered the retail toolkits to help adidas take over London, decking out specialist stores with digital photobooths, 3D projection-mapped walls and interactive windows.

For the next phase of the campaign, Superstar became a literal canvas for creativity as adidas gave five artists the chance to reclaim the shoe for themselves. We left our own mark on these Supershells by transforming the city’s most-visited sneaker stores into adidas-own art galleries and inviting fans to a live, interactive art experience at London’s Selfridges. This was accompanied by retail toolkits, which we created for adidas’ key retailers across the UK.

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